Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Got For Free This Week

So I'm really obsessed with coupons lately. I think I'm driving everyone just a little nuts, and my co-workers look at me strange when I come walking into work with more than 1 newspaper and spend my lunch breaks clipping coupons. But that's ok. So far I got 2 things for free! I live in Florida, the worst state ever for couponing, so I can't expect to get many things for free. I've gotten quite a few good deals over the past week but since they're not going on anymore I won't post them here because I feel like that would be bragging and rubbing it in. (Ok, let's just say I got tons of Dunkin Donuts coffee and Glade candles, which I will be giving out for Christmas presents, and some $5 Target gift cards were included in those deals).

So the first thing I got for free was some Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. I had signed up to get a p&g coupon book mailed to me (they let you request coupons from them in cycles, and I think the next cycle is coming up in December, so keep checking back and I'll post as soon as I find out) and one of the coupons was $2 off a Johnson & Johnson baby product. It didn't specify type, but it did say "No travel sizes included". At Target they had a smaller (but not travel sized) bottle of shampoo (3.0 oz to be exact) for $1.67, so I used my coupon and got it for free! I was so embarrassingly excited that I wouldn't shut up about it.

Then I decided to check out this great site called Coupon Mom. It's a bit hard to understand at first glance, but once you get the hang of it and realize how everything is split up, it's a huge time saver when trying to find good deals. You can not only search different stores, but it's personalized for your state too, which is good because Florida's coupon policies in stores are different than a lot of other stores. Well on that site I found that I could go to Target or Wal-Mart and use a $1 off any Johnson & Johnson First Aid product coupon that was in the Sunday paper to get a FREE Johnson & Johnson  First Aid To Go Kit! I felt like such an idiot because I kept going to the store (finding excuses, like, oh I need more toilet paper, when really I just wanted to get this darn thing for free) and searching the band-aid isle but couldn't find a first aid kit for lower than $6. Well finally I decided to check out the travel sized isle (mainly to see how much the Tide detergent was, since I did have a 50-cent off coupon and could get a travel-sized 1 load packet for 50 cents) and found it in there for 97 cents. So I used my coupon and got it for free! Then I rushed home to brag to my husband (who pretended he was excited but I could tell he really didn't care...) and put it in the diaper bag.

I probably won't do any more "extreme couponing" until next week, because this is the Black Friday week. I know most people that run these kind of sites thrive on Black Friday and post a ton of deals, but I work TWO retail jobs, so I will be WORKING ALL DAY (and even a little bit on Thursday night) so in between jobs I'll be sleeping, not shopping. Plus I hate waiting in lines. But I promise I will be back to it starting Sunday! :)

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