Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Funday!!!

It's sad how excited I get on Sundays. I never thought that would be my favorite day of the week. And to think, I don't even have the day off! But on my way to work I stop at 7-eleven and get 2 newspapers, and then on my lunch break I clip coupons. Awesomeness. lol. I already went online to to print some coupons, and then printed some more from, checked their weekly ads, and then went to to check what she had listed for savings. But I won't know any further deals until I get the paper and compare my coupons. I won't post any deals until I go myself and actually get them, because it drives me crazy when I see something and then I go and it's not for sale for the same price due to living in a stinky couponing state. lol.

Another reason Sunday is my favorite day of the week is my new favorite show (One Life To Live ends in January so I can't call that my favorite show for much longer) is on: the Walking Dead!!! I love it. If you don't think you would like it just try watching it, but you have to start from the beginning so either buy the season or watch it online. It plays on A&E. I never liked zombie movies much (they creep me out) so I didn't think I'd like it, but this show has such an amazing story line. Love it. And it does creep me out too. I have to shut my bathroom door before I go to bed and leave my closet light on. (For some reason I feel like if zombies were to suddenly appear, they'd come through my bathroom, but with the door shut I'd be safe?) Just found out a few weeks ago too from my friend from work that they play it for free every Sunday at one of the movie theaters around here. But I never catch it when it first comes on. I always end up watching it late, at like 11 pm, because for some reason, as much as I try to watch it at 9 pm, I'm always in the middle of a project that requires me to catch it later.

Well gtg get ready for work!!! Have to make sure I leave early enough to get my newspapers!!

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