Saturday, November 26, 2011

Planning A Yard Sale

I think I might have a yard sale this weekend. I work every day, but I don't go in until 6 pm on Friday and 5:30 on Saturday. From my experience, there's no point doing a yard sale on a Sunday.

So once I decide that it's final that I'm doing one, I need to start advertising ASAP. I don't do any of the costly advertisements, like in the paper or anything. I do it on craigslist, and some local yard sale websites where you post when you're having one. Sounds silly but there are a lot of people that go weekly (mostly in search of antiques, or stuff they can resell themselves) so they'll check those sites. I don't know if it's the fact that I work in retail or what, but I can't stand haggling with people. So that's the one thing that's going to drive me crazy about having a yard sale. The "10 cents" people when it's clearly marked $15. At that rate I'd rather donate it. But hopefully I can make some extra cash to help out around the holidays.

Unfortunately, also from my experience, the worst time to do a yard sale is around the holidays, so I might end up like last year and make $5 the whole day. If I'm needing extra money, everyone's needing extra money, and not wanting to go out and spend it. The best time is tax return time, but then of course I'm not hurting as badly then so I don't think to do one then. lol. I need to remember this come March, April.

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