Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lazy Roast

Here is a recipe for a roast that is quick and easy. It does take a bit of time to cook, but the preparations are quick, and it uses my favorite cooking tool: the crock pot. I love being able to throw in a bunch of stuff in a pot and forget about it for a few hours, and it still taste like I spent a lot more energy making it.


  • Roast (I usually use a chuck roast because it's cheaper, but this time I did a rump roast because it just looked so good at the store)
  • 1 can beef gravy (or flour to make yours from scratch, but this is the lazy recipe, lol)
  • 1 envelope French Onion soup mix
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Potatoes (everything below is optional, if you are making mashed potatoes)
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
This is what time it was when I started making it.


  • Open French Onion Soup Mix (I use Liptons) & spread onto a plate.
  • Take the roast and lay on top of the plate, coating it evenly with the soup mix. Keep flipping it and rubbing the soup mix into the roast, pressing it into the steak so that it sticks.
  • Place roast into the crock pot.
  • Peel carrots, cut in half, and drop into the crock pot.
  • Slice up a few slices of an onion and put into the crock pot.
  • Pour 1 can of beef gravy mix into the crock pot. If you want to make the gravy from scratch, add about an inch of water to the bottom of the crock pot and make sure you have flour to turn drippings into gravy later on.
* I made mashed potatoes later on for a side, but if you prefer to make it really quick and easy, you can peel the potatoes & throw them right into the crock pot as well.
  • Cook on Low for anywhere from 4-6 hours, depending on size and type of meat. Usually a roast takes about 8 hours on low but mine was smaller and only took about 4.
Here's the time I was done with these steps, along with a picture of what it looked like. The most time-consuming thing is peeling the carrots, which you can do the night before & just keep covered in the fridge to save time in the morning.

Here are some pictures of how it progressed:

11:46 AM

* Note: Make sure you flip it & spoon gravy over.

1:00 PM

1:50 PM * DONE *

Mashed Potatoes:
  • Peel potatoes & place in a pot of boiling water.
  • Keep checking on potatoes by poking with a fork. When they feel soft like they could crumble if you poke too hard, take the pot off the burner and turn the burner off.
  • Drain water from potatoes and place into a large mixing bowl.
  • Depending on how you like your mashed potatoes, you can mash them yourself to get the consistency you like, or you can be lazy like me and use an electric mixer. Put 1 stick of butter in the mixing bowl with the potatoes, pour a splash of milk (keep the milk out incase you need to add a splash more...sorry, I never measure with mashed potatoes lol), and throw in a handful of shredded cheddar cheese (optional. I do this so it's flavored and doesn't need gravy). Mix.
  • Add garlic, salt & pepper and mix.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

$10 Nintendo DS & Wii Games at Target

I'm not sure how long this sale is going on for, or if it's all Targets, as it wasn't in the weekly ad, but there were select Nintendo DS and Wii games on sale for $10, located by the check-out lines.

Here's the ones I remember seeing (I should've taken notes but forgot until just now, lol).

* Not showing up for sale price on the website.

My Target Trip Today 12/14/11

There's tons more deals you can get, but I decided to just start posting the ones I either get, or are just really good deals, because it's too time-consuming for me to post every single matchup. I might sometimes if I get bored, lol, but for the most part it will just be deals that I take advantage of.

* RAIN CHECKS * These come in handy this time of year big time. They usually have different stations set up in different isles that look almost like coupon dispensers, but they dispense a rain check that you take with you to the register, where they'll print a receipt with a barcode and the product's description and current price. This way if something is on sale this week, but there's none left, you can get a rain check and get it for that same sale price the following week. Last week Doodle Bears were on sale for $14.99 (regular priced at $19.99), but there were none left. I had a rain check so I was able to use that today to get it for the sale price, even though it went back up to regular price. Many other stores do this too, but don't advertise it, so be sure to ask the cashier when you're checking out if they issue rain checks if they're out of something, even if it's something silly like cheap canned vegetables or toothpaste.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

I was excited to see that the holiday specialty flavors (Vanilla Nut, Pumpkin Spice, Mocha Mint) were on clearance today! Not sure if every Target has this same deal or for the same price. I have 2 Targets close to me, and the Target I frequently shop at (the ones that's in a strip mall and has a 1% higher sales tax) usually has things drastically cheaper on sale than the other Target with the normal sales tax.

Clearanced price $5.58 (reg price $9.99 I believe, but has been on sale for $6.99 in past weeks)
Printable coupon here for $1.00 off, making it only $4.58!


[ Found out about this from ]Check the travel section for a travel-sized 1 oz Eucerin Calming Creme lotion, on sale for $0.97. Printable coupon here for $1.00 off Eucerin or Aquaphor Skin Care Item, making it FREE with a $0.06 profit!

* The coupon did not scan for me, and the cashier said it was probably because it was travel size, but since the coupon did not specify she went ahead and put it through manually, so that on the receipt it showed "TARGET COUPON $1.00" twice (I got 2 of the lotions since it lets you print 2 coupons). Since the 2 lotions only came to $1.94 for 2, they ended up being free, and then the other $0.06 went towards the rest of my purchase, so I ended up MAKING money from getting them.

M&M's 11 oz Bag
In past weeks these have been on sale for 2 for $5, or $2.69 if you were to buy just one, which made it to where you had to purchase 4 to get the best deal when using for $1 off 3 coupon. But now they're just flat on sale for $2.50 each. Combine Target coupon for $1 off 3 bags , printable here , and $1 off 2 bags manufacturer newspaper coupon, purchasing at least 3 bags, making it 3 for $5.50, or about $1.84 each!!

Mentionable : This deal may differ from store-to-store (as they were still full-priced online) but there were some girl's character pj's, as well as matching slippers, on clearance at my Target. There was Hello Kittie and Disney Princesses left. There were packaged long-sleeve shirts with fleece pants, or just fleece pants, and then the slippers. Tomorrow my daughter has pajama day at school so I needed to get her some, so I got her the fleece Hello Kittie pants for $6.98 and the matching slippers for the same price. I was hoping for the short-sleeve stuff and shorts being that I live in FL but no such luck, so the fleece will have to do. There were also 2-pack patterned fleece pj pants on sale for $8, which I believe is everywhere because it's the same on the website as well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Disney Princess Storytime Belle EVEN CHEAPER!!!

The week of Black Friday I was so disappointed that I didn't buy this for my 3-year-old, because it was "on sale" for $64.99, when everywhere else had it for $89.99. Well everyone else pretty much still has it for this ridiculously high price, but I'm glad I held out on getting it until now!!!

As featured in Target's weekly ad, it's on sale THIS WEEK ONLY for $39.99!!! Luckily for once I took my own advice and got $50 worth of Christmas gifts (I should've done groceries too though) when the $10 gift card for $50 spent in the store coupon was still going on, so I had a $10 Target gift card. So hubby was sent to the store and applied the gift card to the purchase, getting it for only $29.99!!! But even if you don't have a gift card to apply towards your purchase, $40 is still a pretty sweet deal for this once oh-so-expensive gift. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free $10 Target Gift Card

When you purchase $50 or more worth of stuff at Target, get a free $10 gift card. It's great if you're already planning a grocery trip there, or buying an expensive toy, or a few toys.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Used my Kohls $10 coupon today

I love that I get the Free $10 off coupons in the mail for Kohls. They're amazing. They work on everything, even sale. I wish I knew more people that got them so I could use theirs! lol. I bug my dad and grandparents every time but they never get them. I'm guessing the reason I get them is that I got one stuck on my front door when we first moved, and at the time I figured it didn't work on sale stuff, so I gave it to my mother-in-law to use, and since then I've been getting them in the mail. Could be coincidental or not, but I know a lot of people that don't get them, and a friend of mine gets mad because she has a charge card there and doesn't get them anymore.

My 7-year-old knows how to read so I can't post exactly what I got...but they had 20% off games (which kind of made them the same price as everywhere else, but I made out with the coupon) so I was able to get a game that was really on the top of the Christmas List for $19.99, then used my $10 off coupon and got it for $9.99. The cheapest I've seen it anywhere else was $18.88 I believe. I just wish I had had more because there were so many toys I could've gotten for super cheap or even free and just paid the tax, but I wanted to get something that was on the list for sure.

CVS Matchup 12/4 - 12/10

I wasn't that impressed with this week's deals. Maybe I overlooked some. The Glade ones are very mentionable though. :)

·         [GC] is for all the items where if you spend $30 total you get a free $10 gift card to the one of your choice.

·         Coupons are from the Sunday paper unless otherwise noted. Printed coupons are from unless otherwise noted.

-          Page 1
[GC] General Mills cereal 2/$5 - $1 off two coupon printed = 2/$4 ($2 each)
[GC] Progresso soup 2/$3 - $1 off 4 coupon
[GC] Hershey’s Holiday candy 2/$5 - $1 off two coupon = 2/$4 ($2 each)
[GC] Mucinex or Mucinex DM 28–40 ct $19.99 - $1 coupon = $18.99

-          Page 2
Werther’s Original Chewy Caramels 2/$3 - $0.75 off two coupon = 2/$2.25 ($1.13 each)

       -          Page 3

M&M’s 15.4-19.2 oz $4.99 - $1 off two coupon = 2/$8.98 ($4.49 each)
DeMet’s Turtles 6.4 oz $3.99 - $1 off coupon = $2.99
Godiva Gems 2.6-4.25 oz 2/$6 – two $0.50 off coupons = 2/$5 ($2.50 each)
Hershey’s Kisses $3.99 - $1 off three coupon = 3/$10.97 ($3.66 each)

-          Page 9

Duracell batteries $5.99 - $1 mailer coupon or $0.50 coupon = $4.99 or $5.49 (Spend $15 on batteries and get $5 extrabucks)

-          Page 10

Neutrogena Skin Care BOGO 50% off - several $1 off coupons to choose from

L’Oreal Skin Care BOGO 50% off – several $1 off coupons to choose from
Neutrogrena Foundation, Powder, Blush or Concealer $10 - $2 coupon or $1 coupon = $8 or $9
Neutrogena Lip or Eye $7.99 - $2 coupon or $1 coupon = $5.99 or $6.99

-          Page 11
Gillette Fushion ProGlide Razor $9.99 - $5 coupon IF you buy ProGlide cartridges = $4.99 (plus cost of cartridges)

-          Page 12
[GC] Garnier Cleansers $5 - $1 coupon = $4
[GC] Garnier Ultra-Lift $12 - $2 coupon = $10
[GC] Garnier Skin Renew dark spot corrector or Ultra-Lift Intensive cream $14 - $2 coupon = $12
[GC] Garnier Skin Renew Lotion, moisture cream or eye roller $10 - $2 coupon = $8
DermaSilk 5-minute face lift or 90-second eye lift $39.99 - $10 coupon = $29.99 + $5 extrabucks
Clean & Clear Facial Product BOGO 50% off - $2 off coupon
Nivea BOGO 50% off - $1 off coupon
Jergens moisturizer $6.99 - $3 off two coupon = 2/$10.98 ($5.49 each)
Curel lotion $6.99 - $1 off coupon = $5.99
Tone Bar soap 2-8 pk $1.99 - $0.35 off coupon = $1.64

-          Page 13
L’Oreal Cosmetics BOGO 50% off - $1 or $2 coupon

-          Page 14
L’Oreal EverPure, EverStrong or EverSleek shampoo, conditioner or stylers - $1 off coupon + get $5 extrabucks when you buy 2
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour $11.99 - $3 off coupon = $8.99
Garnier Fructis shampoo or conditioner 2/$7.98 – two $1 off printables = 2/$5.98 ($2.99 each) + $3 extrabucks
Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color $5.99 - $2 or $1 coupon = $3.99 or $4.99

-          Page 16
Colgate Total Advanced, Total Whitening, Optic White toothbrush or toothpaste 2/$7 – two $1 off coupons = 2/$5 ($2.50 each)
Arm & Hammer Spinbrush $5.99 - $1 off coupon = $4.99 + $2 extrabucks
Polident Cleanser $4.49 - $1 off coupon = $3.49
BOGO 50% off Colgate kids manual toothbrush - $0.40 off coupons
K-Y Yours + Mine or Kissable Sensations $5 - $2 off coupon = $3
Stayfree pantiliners or pads $4.99 - $1 off coupon = $3.99
Carefree $4.99 - $0.50 off coupon = $4.49
OB tampons $4.99 - $1 off coupon = $3.99

-          Page 17
Johnson’s Baby oil $2.99 - $1 coupon = $1.99
Desitin $2.99 - $1 mailer coupon = $1.99
Pull-Ups $9.49 - $2 coupon = $7.49 + $1 extrabucks
Huggies Jumbo pk $9.49 - $1.50 mailer coupon = $7.99 + $1 extrabucks
Playtex Sport 18-36 ct - $1 coupon from previous box (spend $20, get $10 extrabucks)
Schick Hydro 3 or Hydro 5 razor - $2 coupon (spend $20, get $10 extrabucks)

-          Page 18
Zegrid OTC 42 ct $24.99 - $6 coupon = $18.99 + $8 extrabucks
Align Probiotic supplement 42 ct $39.99 - $5 off coupon = $34.99 + $7 extrabucks
MiraLax 30 doses $19.99 - $3 off coupon = $16.99
RevitaLens multi-purpose solution 10 oz $8.99 - $3 off coupon = $5.99 + $3 extrabucks
Blink Tears $8.99 - $1 off coupon = $7.99 + $3 extrabucks
Prilosec OTC 42 ct $24.99 - $2 off coupon = $22.99 + $5 extrabucks

-          Page 19
Zicam $9.99 - $2 off coupon = $7.99
Alka-Seltzer Plus 20 ct $4.88 - $2 coupon or $1 coupon = $2.88 or $3.88

-          Page 20
Excedrin $6.99 - $1.50 off coupon = $5.49
Aleve 200 ct or liquid gels 80 ct $11.99 - $2 coupon = $9.99 or $5 off two coupon = 2/$18.98 ($9.49 each)
Ensure $6.99 - $3 off two coupon = 2/$10.98 ($5.49 each)

-          Page 21
Kleenex Tissues 3 pk $2.99 - $0.50 off coupon = $2.49 [ Puffs coupon still available for same Puffs deal  if you didn’t use it last week like I did, lol]
Lysol wipes 2/$10 - $1 off two coupon from inside Publix store = 2/$9 ($4.50 each)
Lysol spray 2/$10 – two $1 off coupons = 2/$8 ($4 each)
All Laundry detergent $3.99 - $.075 or $0.50 coupon = $3.24 or $3.49
Glade scented oil plugins refills $5 - $1 printable or mailer coupon = $4 [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks]
Glade Lasting Impressions $5 - $3 mailer coupon = $2 [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks]
Glade Sense & Spray Start Kit $5 - $3 mailer coupon = $2 [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks]
Glade candle, Plugins refill, oil candle refills, sense & spray, fabric spray 2/$6
Glade Fabric & Air spray 2/$6 - $1 mailer coupon = 2/$5 ($2.50 each) [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks. Can mix with any below 2/$6 items.]
Glade D├ęcor holder 2/$6 - $1 mailer coupon = 2/$5 (2.50 each) [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks. Can mix with any 2/$6 items.]
Glade scented oil candle products 2/$6 - $1 off two coupon = 2/$5 ($2.50 each) [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks. Can mix with any 2/$6 items.]
Glade candles 2/$6 - $1 off two coupon or printable = 2/$5 ($2.50 each) [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks. Can mix with any 2/$6 items.]
Glade scented oil candle refills 2/$6 - $1 off two coupon or printable = 2/$5 ($2.50 each) [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks. Can mix with any 2/$6 items.]
Glade Plugins refill 2/$6 - $1 off two mailer or printable coupon or $0.75 off two = 2/$5 ($2.50 each) or 2/$5.25 ($2.63 each) [spend $12, get $4 extrabucks. Can mix with any 2/$6 items.]
Renuzit Adjustables $0.88 [ I know there’s a coupon available but I can’t remember what it was..I want to say $0.55 off three. I used it a few weeks back, but the ones that came with it are still good until 12/17.]
Milkbone biscuits 2/$5 – Free 5.6 oz bag of Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy treats with the purchase of two Milk-Bone dog snacks coupon from inside previous box of milkbone treats = Milkbone biscuits 2/$5 + free bag of Soft + Chewy treats

-          Page 22
[GC] Dunkin Donuts $6.99 - $1 off coupon and printable or $0.75 off coupon = $5.99 or $6.24

-          Page 23
Folgers Coffee $8.99 - $0.25 off coupon = $8.74
Nature Valley 2/$5 - $0.50 off  Sweet & Salty Nut granola bars coupon and $0.75 off Granola thins  coupon (or use two of the same) = 2/$3.75 ( $1.88 each)

-          Page 24
Bounty Basics paper towel 8 pk. $5.99 - $1 off mailer coupon or $0.25 off one roll coupon = $4.99 or $5.74
Holiday M&M’s 2/$5 - $1 off coupon = 2/$4 ($2 each) + $1 extrabucks

Saturday, December 3, 2011

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Review!!

I completed a survey on the John Frieda website a few months ago, and finally got my coupon to get a free box in the mail. This was what I had gotten with my CVS shopping trip I posted about earlier. I got the color "brown-black". My hair is naturally blonde, but I've been dying it brown lately. The problem with my hair is that it doesn't hold color too well, so it usually fades a couple of weeks later. Last time I used the Revlon Colorsilk ($2.99) and did it black and within a week it was brown. I'm not sure if this is due to my hair or the fact I used cheaper stuff, so this time I got brown-black, incase it doesn't fade being more high-end, and I didn't want to be stuck with it being black. So I'll update this review a few weeks later to let you know if it faded or not.

* I've heard so many mixed reviews when it comes to foam hair color. Most people I talked to that had used it said they didn't like it because it dried out their hair, or was hard to do. I'm not sure what brand they used or if they were dying their hair darker or lighter (dying it darker adds to your hair so it's actually better for your hair, whereas lighter is stripping color from your hair), but the John Frieda Precision Colour Foam did the opposite to my hair. When I was rinsing it out, before I even added the conditioner, my hair felt silky-smooth and was easily brushable with my fingers.

* If you read the instructions all the way through (which are short and to the point, unlike some that seem to go on and on about nothing) it's easy to apply. If you don't read the instructions you'll miss key steps though, which I imagine a lot of people probably do. Usually people don't read the "Caution: Don't..." stuff because they assume it'll be common sense stuff, like, "give to children, consume by mouth, etc", but this one lets you know some very important things not to do or you'll mess up the foaming process. For instance, you DON'T shake the bottle. Most hair coloring treatments require you to shake the bottle, but after you add the liquid to the first bottle of liquid, you tilt slowly 5 times, and then that's it. Too much tilting or shaking can make it too liquidy and it won't come out like a foam, which means it won't get applied the way it should to evenly coat your hair as well as mess up the timing process. The other important tip is to squeeze the bottle to dispense the foam. Otherwise you'll be sitting there trying to pump it out and barely anything will be coming out, but when you squeeze from the sides of the bottle it comes out perfectly.

* Keep a close eye on the time. It said no longer than 30 minutes. I made sure to rinse it out after 20 minutes because I didn't want to risk drying my hair out like others said they did.

* The foam was super easy to apply. The gloves are excellent. They actually are fitted and don't slide off, so it made it a lot easier than those cheap clear plastic gloves that are 10 sizes too big. At first I was a little discouraged because the foam was disappearing right after I applied it and I couldn't seem to make it look like a rich lather like in the pictures, but then all of a sudden towards the end of the bottle my hair was covered in a thick lather from just adding more and more.

* You only need 1 bottle!! Unless you have crazy long hair. I'll post a picture of my hair from after I dyed it. 1 bottle was more than I needed. I ended up throwing some out because I was tired of applying it. Usually I have to buy 2 boxes of hair dye, so even the cheap stuff is almost the same price as the John Frieda.

* Added bonus: The conditioner smells amazing. And there's plenty left to keep using it for at least a week after. You're supossed to save it and use just once a week for a month, but it smells too good that I'm sure I'll use it again tomorrow. And the conditioner is in an actual bottle, not a plastic sample pack that you have to rip with your teeth.

Here is a picture of my hair after I dyed it. I wish I would've thought to do this review before I started coloring, or I would've included pictures of me doing it as well as a before. I literally thought, "Hey I should review this" as I was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Publix Matchup Dec 1 - Dec 7

Publix Matchups

*All coupons are from Sunday papers unless otherwise noted. The ones that say printed are from unless otherwise noted. Majority of the printed ones are no longer available on there, but were printed previous weeks. Feel free to double-check me though.*

*Additional savings if you have two coupons on the BOGO Free stuff. I only recently started purchasing two Sunday papers instead of only 1, so a lot of the matchups only show 1 coupon being used.*

*Of note: I feel like there are probably more coupons out there than I have that I could’ve printed out but didn’t think to, because some of them I remember seeing so you might have them for any BOGO deals I didn’t list on here.*

 * I will add any additional savings from any new coupons that pop up or from this Sunday's paper.*

Uncle Ben’s Long Grain Rice 5 lb bag BOGO  $7.79 - $0.75 coupon = 2 for $7.04 ($3.52 each)

General Mills cereal BOGO $3.99 - $1.00 off two coupon printed = 2 for $2.99 ($1.49 each)

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn BOGO $5.13 - $0.55 coupon = 2 for $4.58 ($2.29 each)

Nabisco Toasted Chips BOGO $3.69 - $1 off two coupon printed = 2 for $2.69 ($1.34 each) * Not sure if coupon will work. States $1 off any two Nabisco Crackers 6-16 oz any variety *

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock Spread BOGO $2.79 - $0.25 coupon = 2 for $2.54 ($1.27 each)

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 3 for $5 - $0.30 off two coupon = 3 for $4.70 ($1.56 each)

Pepperidge Farm Stone Baked Artisan Rolls BOGO $3.69 - $0.75 coupon = $2.94 ($1.47 each)

Sargento Shredded Cheese 2 for $6 - $0.50 off two coupon = 2 for $5.50 ($2.75 each)

Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12-roll pkg. $6.49 - $0.50 off 12-pack or larger coupon = $5.99

Viva Paper Towels 8-roll pkg. $6.99 - $1 off 6-roll or larger coupon = $5.99

Kleenex White Tissue 3-bundle pkg. $3.99 - $0.50 off one bundle package coupon = $3.49

Ziploc Storage or Freezer Bags 2 for $7 - $1.50 off two coupon or $1 off two coupon = 2 for $5.50 ($2.75 each) or 2 for $6 ($3 each)

Tide Detergent 100 oz bottle $11.99 - $0.50 coupon off Tide or Downy = $11.49 (also a $1.50 off coupon if you get both Tide AND Downy)

Febreze Set & Refresh Air Freshener 2 for $5 - $1 off coupon from mailer = 2 for $4 ($2 each)

Ultra Downy Fabric Softener $6.99 - $0.50 coupon off Tide or Downy = $6.49 (also a $1.50 off coupon if you get both Tide AND Downy)

L’Oreal EverSleek Hair Products $5.49 - $1 off coupon = $4.49

Olay Body Wash $5.49 - $1 off coupon = $4.49

Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads BOGO $6.39 - $1 off coupon = 2 for $5.39 ($2.69 each)

Nature’s Bounty Fish or Flaxseed Oil 25% off + $1.00 off printable from (still there)

Poise Pads $10.99 - $1.50 coupon = $9.49

Aleve-D 10 count $3.99 - $1 off printable from (still there) = $2.99

Aleve-D 20 count $5.99 - $1 off printable from (still there) = $4.99

My CVS Trip Today

Total Spent: $9.43      Retail value: $48.31

What I Got:
  • Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System
  • John Frieda Precision Foam Colour
  • Olay Age Defying Bodywash with vitamin E 23.6 oz
  • 2 Xtra 45 oz liquid laundry detergents
  • 2 Puffs Basics 100 count tissues
  • 2 Dawn Olay Hand Renewal Dish Soap 9 oz

Retail Value:
  • Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System $12.99
  • John Frieda Precision Foam Colour $12.99
  • Olay Age Defying Bodywash with vitamin E 23.6 oz $8.99
  • 2 Xtra 45 oz liquid laundry detergents $5.98 ($2.99 each)
  • 2 Puffs Basics 100 count tissues $3.98 ($1.99 each)
  • 2 Dawn Olay Hand Renewal Dish Soap 9 oz $3.38 ($1.69 each)

How I Did It: (CVS associates will allow you to do separate transactions. I had planned to go back 3 different days - lol - but the girl at the counter asked me from the start if I'd like to do separate transactions for further savings.)

Receipt 1: Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System was on sale this week for $9.99. I had a $3 off manufacturer coupon, making it $6.99. Then I got a $5 Extrabucks printed on my receipt for further use. I also had a coupon for a FREE John Frieda Precision Foam Colour from doing a survey on their site a few months ago. [ Subtotal: $6.99 ]

Receipt 2: Olay Age Defying Bodyhwash 23.6 oz on sale for $6.00. Used manufacturer coupon for $1 off Olay bodywash and $5 Extrabuck from previous receipt. Got a $2 Extrabuck printed on this receipt for further purchase. [ Subtotal: $0.00 ]

Receipt 3: The Xtra 45 oz liquid laundry detergents were on sale for $1.49 each. I had a $1 off the purchase of 2 Xtra laundry detergents manufacturer coupon, making those $1.98 total. The Puffs Basics tissues were on sale for $0.99. I had a $1 off the purchase of 2 manufacturer coupon, making those $0.98 total. The Dawn Olay Hand Renewal dish soap was on sale for $0.99. I had two $0.25 off manufacturer coupons, making those $1.48 total. So that came to $4.44. Then I used my $2 off Extrabucks coupon from my previous receipt. [ Subtotal: $2.44 ]

So CVS is kind of like my favorite store now! lol. I'm doing care baskets for Christmas so a lot of those things will come in handy for that. The tissues will more than likely go to my oldest's classroom. They go through them like crazy this time of year.