Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Iams Dog or Cat Food @ Target!!!

Yesterday's Sunday paper came with a $3 off any Iams dry dog or cat food coupon. The little travel-sized pouches are on sale at Target this week for $3, making them free!!! The Target by my house only had the cat food, and I have a dog, so I decided to hold off on using them and wait until later this week to see if they get more of the dog food. If not, I'll get the cat food and either give it to my dad (if his cat eats that brand - can't remember) or donate it to the local shelter. Even if you don't have pets there's lots of shelters or pet food banks that would be very thankful for any kind of donation!

Free Bic Pens @ Target!!! [and Walmart if you choose]

I apologize for the sideways pictures. For some reason that's how they keep coming out & I can't figure out how to rotate them on here. But there's a great deal going on with Bic pens. It's funny too because last week I complained on having to sign my daughter's report card with crayon because I couldn't find any pens.

I can't remember if it was last Sunday's paper, or the Sunday before (I'm thinking it was the Sunday before), but there was a coupon for $1 off any Bic stationary item coupon, and it actually has this pen package pictured on the coupon, along with another type. Well Target and Walmart BOTH have them on sale this week for 97 cents, so you can get them for just the sales tax, or if you're buying several things, completely free with an overage towards your other items! :)

I got mine at Target and didn't get anything else, so I had to pay 18 cents for the sales tax. Here's a picture of my receipt.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

25 Cents Colgate Toothpaste @ CVS!

Not sure if this is just my CVS. Hopefully yours will have some on clearance too. But the 6.4 oz Colgate Cavity Protection toothpaste (it has a sign that says "Was $3.49, Now 99 cents") is on clearance for 99 cents. From last Sunday's paper there was a 75 cents off one Colgate toothpaste, making it only 25 cents! I had 2 coupons since I get 2 newspapers so I bought 2 of them. Proof to my husband that I really do save more than I spend on the newspapers. ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Chance For a FREE Card!! **

Rainbow Hello Kitty Kids Birthday Card

Go to and go through all the steps to personalizing and ordering your card. There's so many to choose from, and they just added Hello Kittie! I was able to order another free one. I used the same shipping address, but addressed it to my daughter, since it will be for her birthday, and used a different email address to register.

When you're making your card, make sure you check the box that you approve the settings, or else it won't let you hit next and you'll get frustrated like I did last time, lol.

Then when you get to the part where you enter all your info, enter your address and keep the shipping as "standard" (that way you don't get charged anything). When it gets to the screen where you enter your credit card information, scroll down to the bottom, and under Promo Codes, enter FREECARD121. Then it's free!! :)

PS - You could also order a Valentine's Day card for that special someone...but don't brag about it being free lol.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cheap Cereal Deal @ Walgreens

Expires today, but I just haven't had a time to post about it until now! lol sorry! If you go to Walgreens, their General Mills ceral is 4 for $10, and you get $3 RewardBucks to use towards anything else in the store. Use two $1 off 2 General Mills cereal coupons (printed from and pay $8 all together. So you're getting 4 boxes for $8, but then also $3 to use towards anything else in the store.

While you're there, get a protein bar that's $1.99, and get $1.99 Rewardsbucks, so you just got that for free with no money spent other than tax, since you used your previous Rewardsbucks to purchase it. So you still have $3 left to spend in the store. You could throw in a package of baby wipes for $2.49, or grab some deoderant or shampoo. Or you could get the 99 cent Dawn dish soap and use a 50 cent off coupon from the Sunday paper, so you'd be spending 50 cents for it, and then add some other stuff on..the possibilities are endless. ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free Greeting Card @ !

Head on over to and pick out a greeting card. There's hundreds to choose from, for any holiday, and you can even customize them! Choose the card you like, go through all the steps (more than likely it'll have you personalize it, but it walks you through each step. Just make sure you click that you accept the changes or it won't let you hit next..I had that problem and then 10 minutes later after yelling at the "stupid website" realized I needed to check the box..oops lol) and make sure you click that you want it shipped to you and not the recipient. It's only free if you have it sent to yourself. If you want it sent to the recipient you can do it, but you have to pay the postage, but the card itself will be free.

Then enter your address and all that nifty info, and when you get to the screen where it asks for your credit card information, scroll down to the bottom and it will say "Promotional code". Enter MCSFREE112 and it will make it free! Place your order and wait for it to come in. :) I chose to do a Father's Day card, just incase it takes a while to actually come in, with it being free and all.