Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Target Trip Today 12/14/11

There's tons more deals you can get, but I decided to just start posting the ones I either get, or are just really good deals, because it's too time-consuming for me to post every single matchup. I might sometimes if I get bored, lol, but for the most part it will just be deals that I take advantage of.

* RAIN CHECKS * These come in handy this time of year big time. They usually have different stations set up in different isles that look almost like coupon dispensers, but they dispense a rain check that you take with you to the register, where they'll print a receipt with a barcode and the product's description and current price. This way if something is on sale this week, but there's none left, you can get a rain check and get it for that same sale price the following week. Last week Doodle Bears were on sale for $14.99 (regular priced at $19.99), but there were none left. I had a rain check so I was able to use that today to get it for the sale price, even though it went back up to regular price. Many other stores do this too, but don't advertise it, so be sure to ask the cashier when you're checking out if they issue rain checks if they're out of something, even if it's something silly like cheap canned vegetables or toothpaste.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

I was excited to see that the holiday specialty flavors (Vanilla Nut, Pumpkin Spice, Mocha Mint) were on clearance today! Not sure if every Target has this same deal or for the same price. I have 2 Targets close to me, and the Target I frequently shop at (the ones that's in a strip mall and has a 1% higher sales tax) usually has things drastically cheaper on sale than the other Target with the normal sales tax.

Clearanced price $5.58 (reg price $9.99 I believe, but has been on sale for $6.99 in past weeks)
Printable coupon here for $1.00 off, making it only $4.58!


[ Found out about this from ]Check the travel section for a travel-sized 1 oz Eucerin Calming Creme lotion, on sale for $0.97. Printable coupon here for $1.00 off Eucerin or Aquaphor Skin Care Item, making it FREE with a $0.06 profit!

* The coupon did not scan for me, and the cashier said it was probably because it was travel size, but since the coupon did not specify she went ahead and put it through manually, so that on the receipt it showed "TARGET COUPON $1.00" twice (I got 2 of the lotions since it lets you print 2 coupons). Since the 2 lotions only came to $1.94 for 2, they ended up being free, and then the other $0.06 went towards the rest of my purchase, so I ended up MAKING money from getting them.

M&M's 11 oz Bag
In past weeks these have been on sale for 2 for $5, or $2.69 if you were to buy just one, which made it to where you had to purchase 4 to get the best deal when using for $1 off 3 coupon. But now they're just flat on sale for $2.50 each. Combine Target coupon for $1 off 3 bags , printable here , and $1 off 2 bags manufacturer newspaper coupon, purchasing at least 3 bags, making it 3 for $5.50, or about $1.84 each!!

Mentionable : This deal may differ from store-to-store (as they were still full-priced online) but there were some girl's character pj's, as well as matching slippers, on clearance at my Target. There was Hello Kittie and Disney Princesses left. There were packaged long-sleeve shirts with fleece pants, or just fleece pants, and then the slippers. Tomorrow my daughter has pajama day at school so I needed to get her some, so I got her the fleece Hello Kittie pants for $6.98 and the matching slippers for the same price. I was hoping for the short-sleeve stuff and shorts being that I live in FL but no such luck, so the fleece will have to do. There were also 2-pack patterned fleece pj pants on sale for $8, which I believe is everywhere because it's the same on the website as well.

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