Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Disney Princess Storytime Belle EVEN CHEAPER!!!

The week of Black Friday I was so disappointed that I didn't buy this for my 3-year-old, because it was "on sale" for $64.99, when everywhere else had it for $89.99. Well everyone else pretty much still has it for this ridiculously high price, but I'm glad I held out on getting it until now!!!

As featured in Target's weekly ad, it's on sale THIS WEEK ONLY for $39.99!!! Luckily for once I took my own advice and got $50 worth of Christmas gifts (I should've done groceries too though) when the $10 gift card for $50 spent in the store coupon was still going on, so I had a $10 Target gift card. So hubby was sent to the store and applied the gift card to the purchase, getting it for only $29.99!!! But even if you don't have a gift card to apply towards your purchase, $40 is still a pretty sweet deal for this once oh-so-expensive gift. 

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