Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free Greeting Card @ Cardstore.com !

Head on over to Cardstore.com and pick out a greeting card. There's hundreds to choose from, for any holiday, and you can even customize them! Choose the card you like, go through all the steps (more than likely it'll have you personalize it, but it walks you through each step. Just make sure you click that you accept the changes or it won't let you hit next..I had that problem and then 10 minutes later after yelling at the "stupid website" realized I needed to check the box..oops lol) and make sure you click that you want it shipped to you and not the recipient. It's only free if you have it sent to yourself. If you want it sent to the recipient you can do it, but you have to pay the postage, but the card itself will be free.

Then enter your address and all that nifty info, and when you get to the screen where it asks for your credit card information, scroll down to the bottom and it will say "Promotional code". Enter MCSFREE112 and it will make it free! Place your order and wait for it to come in. :) I chose to do a Father's Day card, just incase it takes a while to actually come in, with it being free and all.

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