Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Chance For a FREE Card!! **

Rainbow Hello Kitty Kids Birthday Card

Go to and go through all the steps to personalizing and ordering your card. There's so many to choose from, and they just added Hello Kittie! I was able to order another free one. I used the same shipping address, but addressed it to my daughter, since it will be for her birthday, and used a different email address to register.

When you're making your card, make sure you check the box that you approve the settings, or else it won't let you hit next and you'll get frustrated like I did last time, lol.

Then when you get to the part where you enter all your info, enter your address and keep the shipping as "standard" (that way you don't get charged anything). When it gets to the screen where you enter your credit card information, scroll down to the bottom, and under Promo Codes, enter FREECARD121. Then it's free!! :)

PS - You could also order a Valentine's Day card for that special someone...but don't brag about it being free lol.

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